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The Gurkhas Group Newsletter

AUG 2O20


Why do you think The Gurkhas Group has become so successful in this industry?

Prakash Pun, Chairman answers:

A reason why I think The Gurkhas Group has become this successful is because of our company management. Even though there are many companies doing similar business, we are different because we are not afraid and willing to take risks. During my time as a Gurkha, I knew I wanted to do more. At the regiment we would have full day trainings till the evening hours, whilst most of my colleague rest up for the night, I chose to go outside of the camp to learn more. While I was transferred from ½nd Gurkha Rifle to 10 Gurkha Rifle in 1992 my colleagues created a nickname for me called ‘Briefcase man’ as I often held a briefcase full of notes and other books to study. I was intrigued by entrepreneurship and business management, so I took a chance and worked hard. For the next couple of years till I retired from the Army I continued to do so, even in the Army when we were given opportunity to learn Hotel Management and other means of management. I vividly remember once we were learning inside the hotel and when the lesson finished most of my colleagues went to relax, but I requested my tutor to show me around the hotel so I could learn more. I am really thankful for the time I spent in the Army and the opportunities given to me. Shortly after retiring from the Army I opened a restaurant and that is when my colleagues and my tutor realised what I’ve been doing all these years after training and lessons. I followed my destiny of becoming a business owner and along the way it would be a lie to say I did not have my ups and downs. I truly believe that we are all employees and work for the company, even though I am Chairman of The Gurkhas Group, I often tell my employees I am no different compared to them, I respect and follow the company’s rules and regulation and together we work hard so I am grateful to everyone who has contributed to The Gurkhas Group.” 

To find out more about Prakash Pun please watch the video below:

Company Announcement:

Employee of the Month:

LIMBU Jiban Kumar

Hong Kong COVID-19 News:

The Gurkhas Group is proud to announce our employee of the month. It goes to LIMBU Jiban Kumar. Congratulations for often assisting the client on his initiative attitude. We are thankful for your hard work.


We are also delighted to reveal that The Gurkhas Group has commenced 3 new projects! A Construction Project in Tsim Sha Tsui, Security projects in Taipo and Admiralty, we continue to be thankful for our clients in believing in our services and our security guards.

We also would like to remind anyone who is interested in working with us to fill out the forms:





Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 14.23.57.png

The HK Government has introduced a free voluntary Universal Testing Programme from September 1st 2020. This attempt to fight COVID-19 will help identify the hidden cases. The test programme runs from 8 am to 8 pm in centres in all districts of the city. Online appointments are available from August 29th 2020 via this LINK:

The Government has also begun relaxing social distance rules. Restaurants are allowed to service from 5 am-8:59 pm. Some indoor areas will be re-opening where the risk is easy to manage, as well as some outdoor activities that involve little contact.


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