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High Net Worth Individuals, Government Officials, Celebrity, VIP, Corporations and Family.

We provide highly skilled and experienced close protection (bodyguard) operatives on an individual and team basis 24 hours, 365 days a year or on an ad-hoc basis. Our goal is to provide the best security solutions, G3S comprehensively studies, audits and analyze security loopholes, possible threats and then advises the client on how best to implement these integrated customized security solutions into their daily life.  


Our Close Protection (Bodyguard) Services include:  

  • Risk Assessment Analysis which includes initial advanced patrol and detailed site visits and understanding the client’s daily routines. Full report can be presented.

  • Intensive training for close protection (bodyguard) operatives based on the client’s specifications including rehearsals of attack drills, training for designated vehicle drivers, training for close protection operating tools and equipment, classified records and documents handling, close protection whilst in static/transit/on foot environment.

  • Liaison with all related third parties including local law enforcement, medical services, government bodies, etc.


If you are interested in the above services, get in touch with us!
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