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   Gurkhas Construction Limited was established in Hongkong Since 1997. The company was established by our Chairman – Mr. Tej Prakash Pun, who formerly was a Ex-British-Gurkha Army. Our Team has  experience to instruct & construct – Aluminum System Formwork with Precast Concrete Unit & Metal Scaffolding from 1997. Now, the company employs more than 200 workers & direct labour that serves the construction industrial in Hong Kong. Their disciplined & regimented background provide a ready workforce for projects that require diligent and efficient undertaking. All our operatives are highly trained & have all up-to-date qualification as recognized by Construction Industry Council (CIC).  

     Gurkhas Construction Limited is a specialist contractor for the Installation of Aluminum System Formwork and Metal Scaffolding in Building Construction and Civil Engineering Projects.

   With the increasing replacement of traditional timber formwork by Aluminum System Formwork in large scale multi-towered building construction to achieve a substantially shorter floor cycle. Gurkhas Construction Limited (“GCL”) has the capability to facilitate the widespread adoption of such new, fast and environmentally friendly formwork system in the building market in Hong Kong, Macau and all over the World.

    Apart from our participation in pioneering the use of this Formwork System in Hong Kong, Macau, Libya and India, the full versatility of this System has been exploited with well-proven records of achieving 4-day floor cycles on projects. GCL also has the capability to carry out other types of construction works, such as RC Works, Metal Scaffolding, Fitting-Out, Façade/Cladding Works and Supply & Management of all Trade Works.


     Gurkhas Construction Limited is a member of the Hong Kong Construction Association.

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