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CCTV Surveillance Systems, Guards: Materials and Fuel, Patrol guarding, Police Liaison, Protection of existing/completed property, Site Access, Site Office, Scaffolding/Ladders/Stairs, Small Tools, Theft, Vandalism, Vehicles.


Construction site security and supervision is essential due to potential theft and vandalism as construction projects have expensive materials and equipment onsite. With the help of G3S Construction Site Security, we are able to prevent theft or vandalism which could result in extra costs or delays in the project. Technical resources can only help to increase the security of the construction site when used correctly, however if fences are installed incorrectly, the security is not optimal. Therefore, it is necessary to have trained construction site guards present onsite. G3S comprehensively studies, audits and analyze security loopholes, possible threats and then advises the client on how best to implement these integrated customized security solutions onto the site.


Our Construction Security Services include:  

  • Consultation and Planning such as understanding client’s requirement, site analysis, risk assessment

  • Trained Security Personnel

  • Access control and surveillance of persons and vehicles on site

  • Protection of site assets

  • Patrol premises

  • Logbook Documentation

  • Incident Reporting

If you are interested in the above services, get in touch with us!

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