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Ports, Railway and Transportation Security.

G3S security understands the importance of balancing the need for successful yet non-obtrusive security measures against a precise evaluation of possible threats to ports, railway and transportation systems. We are able to create solutions to ensure day-to-day operations are run safely and securely.


G3S understands that in most situations, guards are the first impression and therefore we ensure all our trained personnel have a courteous and smart manner. In order to continually maintain and improve our service quality to clients, we conduct regular review meetings to understand the client’s latest requirements.


Our Ports & Railway Security Services include:  

  • Service Consultation (Site Analysis, Risk Assessment, Emergency Planning)

  • Trained Security Personnel

  • Customer Greetings, Entrance/Reception Control & Concierge Services

  • Access control and surveillance of persons

  • Crowd Management 

  • Bag Searches

  • Patrol premises

  • Logbook Documentation

  • Incident Reporting 

If you are interested in the above services, get in touch with us!

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