The Gurkhas Group Newsletter

Dec 2O20


The China–Nepal Relations

Company Announcement:

In recent times Nepal-China relations have strengthened significantly, reaching new heights as Leaders of both countries have come out publicly stating their support for each other. They have also engaged in a number of joint ventures one of which was a joint announcement of the new height of Mount Everest, measured to be 8,848m approximately 86 meters higher than the previous figure provided by a survey conducted by India in 1954. The importance of mount Everest as a symbolism of the friendship between China and Nepal is highlighted by this and many past events related to the study and preservation of this UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The border dispute between the two countries were settled in 1961 shortly after a year long commission was formed to create a more accurate and precise border boundary. 


Furthermore, Chinese Companies are doing construction of two biggest International Airport project of Nepal under EPCF model. China has also expressed its desire to stop Nepalese Gurkhas from enlisting into the Indian army. This is but one of many goals that China wishes to achieve in allegiance with Nepal as they move to protect themselves from the nation of India, which they both view as less than friendly.

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Employee of the Month:

Limbu Lila Kumari

The Gurkhas Group would like to announce our employee of the month. It goes to Limbu Lila Kumari. Congratulations for showcasing your excellence this month. We are thankful for your hard work.












We are also delighted to reveal that The Gurkhas Group has commenced 1 new cleaning projects in Hong Kong Island, 1 security projects located in Hong Kong Island. We are thankful for our clients in believing in our services.

Hong Kong COVID-19 News:

The social distancing measures have been extended till Janurary 20th 2021. The following 


- Resturant are opened till 6pm. Seating remains two people, and must not exceed 50%  capacity.

- Wearing a face mask is still mandatory in public settings except when exercising. 

- Bars, pubs, nightclubs, party rooms, beaches, campsites, barbecue sites, and swimming pools remain shut down temporarily.

- Barbershops and hair salons remain open to operate.

For more information and updates regarding COVID-19 please visit: