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Celebrities, Corporate Businesses, Embassies and High Net Worth Individuals.


G3S provides tailored close protection driver for our customers, from the initial stage letting our team know which driver profile you are looking for and we will go through an intense vetting procedure, screening, recruit and train them. Professional close protection drivers are trained to safely and reliably transport the client from point A to point B. G3S fully trains their drivers with in-depth knowledge so they are able to choose the correct responses in emergency or dangerous situations whilst on the road.


Procedure on close protection driver:

  1. Client Enquiry

  2. Client Meeting (understand the job scope, working hours, height requirement, age requirement, language requirement, home address, close protection (bodyguard) driver or only driver requirement and budget)

  3. G3S System Shortlisted Candidate and Full Training provided to potential drivers

  4. CV Submission and Interview Arrangement

  5. Follow up Client Feedback

  6. Successful Placement (duty commencement follow-up)

Our Protective Driver Services include:  

  • Consultation on client’s requirements to select the right driver within our advanced database. CV sent to client’s reviewal with our professional advice.

  • Thorough Background Check on the driver: Criminal Background Check, Financial Background Check, Sexual Conviction Record Check, Traffic Conviction Records Check, and due to the current pandemic situation, COVID-19 Health Check

  • Risk Assessment Analysis which includes initial advanced journey reconnaissance, identity alternate routes and develop emergency evacuation plans.

  • Training on safe driving standards, personal security awareness and route planning

If you are interested in the above services, get in touch with us!

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