January 2019 Available Roles:


Security Manager Required!


• Form 7 or above with at least 10 years’ experience in security service;
• A holder of a valid security personnel permit issued under the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance;
• Good PC knowledge of MS Word, Excel etc. is preferred;
• Good communication and effective interpersonal skills, good spoken and written English and Chinese;
• Knowledge of Security and Guarding Services Ordinance, and Knowledge of Hong Kong Building/ Property Management regulations and ordinances is preferred.

*HK ID Holder!

Major duties: 
• Supervise the control room/communication room in the security department;
• Ensure all security staff comply with all vetting, legal and licensing requirements currently in force and is responsible for dealing directly with all security personnel issues;
• Liaise with Venue Operations Team, internal stakeholders as well as external agencies as required to establish and maintain good relationships, so as to ensure smooth and mutually convenient operations during normal conditions, and to facilitate an effective joint response in an emergency or during a crisis;
• Responsible for day-to-day and emergency operational aspects of the security at the Venue;
• Responsible for the management, review, and update of all standard operating procedures, operational performance standards in relation to security management including programmes for induction, continuation and specialised training, and for the replacement and maintenance of security equipment where necessary;
• Responsible for routine security deployment and immediate incident response during the shift. Escalate incidents occurred during the shift to the Assistant Site Manager and Site Manager, and report serious incidents occurred outside the office hours. Responsible for the immediate call-out of emergency services;
• Responsible for the preparation and promulgation of a monthly duty roster, and of a daily duty roster assigning specific duties to each member of the security team;
• Oversee and closely supervise the security guards on duty to protect the district property against theft and vandalism, and provide direction and corrective action as necessary;
• Perform a supervisory patrol, and visit every zone within the Venue during duty. Attend every non-routine incident in person. Review, update and maintain the security plan;
• Ensure that discipline standards are maintained;
Thank you for your interest in joining us. You may submit a detailed resume with current and expected salary via one of the following channels:

  • By Email to or by calling for more details on Tel: (852) 2770 9795

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