Manned Security Guarding

G3S provides a wide range of manned security services to protect vulnerabilities within your environment and to minimize your safety and security risk. Our services:

  • Stationary Security
  • Patrol
  • Security Post Management
  • Access and Entry Control
  • Fire Fighting
  • Store Detectives

G3S Security Patrols:

To ensure the highest standard of customer service G3S assigns supervisors to its clients. These supervisors are responsible for overall coordination between the client, G3S security officers and Directors of G3S Operations. Security patrols can consist of:

  • External Inspection (Perimeter, Doors and Windows)
  • Internal Inspection (Technical Risks, Fire and Flood)
  • Inspection for Light-Power Saving
  • Inspection for Failed Machinery
  • Gate Access Control
  • Gate Closing Inspection (Evening)
  • Gate Opening Inspection (Morning)
  • Evacuation
  • Fire Wardens
  • Comprehensive Reporting on Inspections

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