Gurkhas Group was established in 1997 with its core business in the Construction sector. The company has currently partnered with several Hong Kong and Foreign contractors, in both public and private sector. Due to a high demand, the company has expanded its services in Macau, Nepal, India, Libya and United Kingdom to provide Construction, Security, Cleaning and Recruitment Services. As our Chairman was formerly a member of the Ex-British Gurkhas, the majority of our direct staffs are Ex-Gurkhas and Nepalese Hong Kong identity card holders who have a disciplined and regimented background. This provides a ready workforce for tasks that require diligent and efficient undertaking.

The Gurkhas Group is specialized in Recruitment, Training and Placement of Human Capital in the Construction, Hospitality, Security and Cleaning Industry. The Company prides itself on the quality of its operations irrespective of the disciplines required for each assignment.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our company through this website. The following website summarizes our past experience, affiliations, present venture future goals and capabilities. The Gurkhas Group is proud of its association with leading contracting companies of Hong Kong, Macau, Nepal, India, Libya and United Kingdom.

Having personally served in Hong Kong and United Kingdom for over 13 years. It is my vision not only to continue to attend the needs of Hong Kong and United Kingdom, but more importantly, to promote good culture and to maintain the diplomatic and working relationship between those friendship countries and Nepal.

Considering the large number of Ex-Gurkhas settling in United Kingdom with their families, the Community Housing Estate aim to build as early as possible. To fulfil this need, The Gurkhas Group is aiming to build as many houses as needed and required by the Nepalese community to enjoy their traditional cultural home along with full range of facilities included. At The Gurkhas Group, whether partners, managers, engineers, financial and administrative staffs or laborers, we all work with great expectations towards a strong, peaceful and prosperous future.



T. Prakash Pun (B.A.S.P., S.G.D.B.III)