Public Utility Security

Ships and Ports Security

Today’s interdependent global economy, international trade and travel is reliant upon the security of our vast network of ports.At G3S, we know the key to releasing wider benefits for our clients is to always look at the overall picture to consider solutions that transform performance.

G3S works closely with clients to understand the specific security and business risks they face. Bringing together our expertise in logistics, technology, project management and managing the world’s biggest security personnel workforce, we design solutions to mitigate these risks, with the aim of adding value in the process.

Our solutions design process is focused on working with clients, not only to safeguard people, facilities and reputations, but also to improve their end-user experience, reducing costly hold ups and delivering a stable, confident environment in which trade facilitation can flourish.


Airlines & Airports & Railway Security

Large number of people pass through airports and railway stations every day. This presents potential targets for terrorism and other forms of crime because of high concentration of people located in the same location.

G3S security attempts to prevent any threats or potentially dangerous situations from arising or entering the country. With G3S specialist security, dangerous situations, illegal items or threats entering into both aircraft, country, airport or railway station can be greatly reduced. As such, airport or railway station security serves several purposes: To protect from any threatening events, to reassure the traveling public that they are safe and to protect the country and their people.

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