Site Management

The essence of Gurkhas Construction Limited is that it provides a production line approach in the construction industry by simplifying and streamlining the complex construction process.

Scheduling involves the design and development of the work cycle required to maximize efficiency in the field. The establishment of a daily cycle of work, which when fully coordinated with different trades such as reinforcing steel fixing and mechanical services creates a highly efficient working schedule, not just for the formwork but for all parallel trades and building material supply chains.

Experienced GCL site management team will coordinate with all trades and inform workers the proper method of handling the equipment, getting started and establishing the desired work cycle.

This improved co-ordination and construction management enables the equipment to be cycled at optimum speed and ensures that the results in terms of system efficiency and speed of output are outstanding. Speed of construction mainly depends upon economy requirement and the construction period of the project. Various work cycles are achievable however the 4-day cycle is most preferred.


The construction of all walls and partitions reduces the requirement for follow-on wet trades. The concrete surface finish produced with the aluminum forms allows achievement of a high quality wall finish without the need for expensive plastering.
Door and window openings are formed in position, with a high degree of accuracy. Precision items such as door and window frames can be directly installed on site and minimal re-sizing required.
First fix electrical and mechanical services can be cast in place.

1) The Formwork is specifically designed to allow rapid construction on all types of architectural layouts.
2) Total system forms the complete concrete structure
3) Custom designed to suit project requirements
4) Unsurpassed construction speed
5) High quality finish
6) Cost effective
7) Panels can be re used up to 300 times
8) Erected using unskilled labour
9) Environmentally friendlier than other system

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