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We specialize in placing professional and skilled workers in the following industries:

a. Construction
b. Hospitality (Food & Beverage)
c. Retail
d. Security

e. Domestic Helpers 

Core Values:

  • Our core values underpin everything we do and are the foundations of our growing success.

  • Integrity, Dignity and Discipline in all aspects of Business seek opportunities and provide solutions.

  • We focus on and commitments to success working to hit targets, reach goals, and achieve our ambitions.

Our Services:

Our services covering four stages of steps, they are recruitment, training, placement and management.

Sourcing and Supplying of local staffs, professionals and skilled workers whose qualifications suitable for the job openings. We have a network of experienced partners in all major manpower sourcing countries such as Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Nepal and the Philippines.

We provide in-house training and development course to upgrade the knowledge, skills and attitude of the local and foreign workers. We also provide outsourced customized learning programs according to the needs of the company. Courses provided by us are Image Grooming, Customer Service, Safety and Security etc.

We will deploy the candidates at the right time and the right place which has been selected by each and every client. We will also replace the candidates who are incompetent with zero cost.

For start-up and new ventures by foreign companies, we can provide consulting on issues such as employment laws and regulations, compliances and regulatory bodies, employment terms and contracts. We can also assist you to relocate your key overseas personnel, handling all required immigration and ministry of labour:

a. Immigration Services
We handle all immigration formalities bringing in foreign workers in the most effective and efficient ways. Our services include renewal of work permit and passport for foreign workers, arrange for a medical examination for these foreign workers, counselling for the foreign workers to help them adapt to the living and working conditions here.

b. Work Permit and Work Quota
Standard-Gurkhas offer professional service to help our clients navigate the complicated process of work permit and work quota applications. Our specialists are experienced in handling all aspects of the application process and provide valuable advice.

c. Expatriate Employee Accommodation Solution

We assist in looking for accommodation for employees from overseas and help them with settling in  Hong Kong in a very short period without any hassle.

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Standard-Gurkhas Human Resources Limited

Employment Agencies License Number: 62716



Labour Department, The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Employment Agencies Portal, Labour Department, The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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