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Goods Logistic Sites, Manufacturing & Production Warehouses, Yards.

G3S has been trusted to secure and provide trained security personnel to industrial sites. Our guards are not only competent to protect you, your employees, and your inventory and premises—they are also able to interact in a friendly and confident manner with the public. G3S guards are able to manage vehicle access control and prevent loss of expensive materials and equipment onsite, violence, area breaches, unauthorized persons and vandalism with regular patrols and respond to emergencies at all hours. Our guards and officers can act as a chaperone to visitors to ensure that they access only the locations they are authorized to visit. As well as help enforce rules and regulations related to parking lots and garages. If you want to protect your business, hiring professional security services is an important step to take.


Our Industrial Site Security Services include:  

  • Consultation and Planning such as understanding client’s requirement, site analysis, risk assessment

  • Trained Security Personnel

  • Customer Greetings, Entrance/Reception Control & Concierge Services

  • Access control and surveillance of persons and vehicles on site

  • Protection of site assets

  • Bag searches

  • Patrol premises

  • Logbook Documentation

  • Incident Reporting

If you are interested in the above services, get in touch with us!

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