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The Gurkhas Group Newsletter


Mar/Apr 2021

Yau Ma Tei Fire Victims Children Relief Fund Handover Ceremony

We are proud to announce that the Gurkhas Group (G3S) Charity Foundation Limited has successfully raised HKD 529,265.00 and supported the first year of donations to 7 Children who were affected by the incident. Below are the names of the children:

1. KANDEL Kriss - 3 years old -HKD 4,055.00 (Kindergarden)

2. NEPAL Prince - 7 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Primary)

3. GURUNG Aris - 11 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Primary)

4. LIMBU Astha - 11 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Primary)

5. GURUNG Sahin 13 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Secondary)

6. KANDEL Salikram - 13 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Secondary)

7. GURUNG Angila - 14 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Secondary)

Our donations for the first year total up to HKD  $97,055.00 and will be continuing for the next 15 years until the children have reached the age of 18. The donation ceremony will be held on the day of the Nepalese New Year every year.


We would like to give special thanks to the 61 donors who have supported our goal and will continue to open to any interested donors until our mission is completed. We are also looking for donors to provide scholarship packages for those children who seek a place in higher education. We are also helping to find suitable jobs for the parents who have suffered physical/mental injuries and trauma in the aftermath of the incident which also greatly impact their children who will be graduating in the near future. Any help in this regard would be appreciated, please contact us if you can provide any assistance.

We wish the best for all the families who are rebuilding their lives and we at The Gurkhas Group (G3S) Charity Foundation Limited would like to offer our continued support and assistance to any needy people affected by this tragedy.

Company Announcement:

April Employee of the Month:

Muhammad Sagheer

The Gurkhas Group would like to announce our April employees of the month. For April we would like to award it to Muhammad Sagheer. Congratulations on showcasing your excellence. We are thankful for your hard work.












We are also delighted to reveal that in March and April, The Gurkhas Group has commenced 3 new security jobs in N.T. 1 new security job in Kowloon 3 new security job in Hong Kong Island.

We are very thankful for our clients for believing in our services and our security guards.


We also would like to remind anyone who is interested in working with us to fill out the forms:





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