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Top Pick Nepalese Food

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Living in Hong Kong we are very fortunate to be able to explore so many different kinds of cuisine in such a small city. Walking through one of the city’s most vibrant area is Jordan, and no doubt walking pass you will smell the strong flavours of Nepalese food. The Nepalese cuisine is most often mixed with other similar cuisines such as Indian however, in the following list we would like to introduce to you the most popular Nepalese food you must try one day!


1. Dal Bhat



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2. Momos

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3. Dhido

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4. Sel Roti


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Disclaimer: There are more Nepali dishes than the ones listed above. Listed above are just the writer’s pick and dishes I’ve tried and would love to try! 

Nepalese Restaurants We Recommend!

1. Bagaicha (

Location: 1/F, Hydan place, 228 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

2. Blue Ocean, Restuarant and Bar


Location: Ocean Building, 1st floor, 80 Shanghai St, Yau Ma Tei

3. Himalaya Restaurant (

Location: 1/F A 22-30 Taiwong Street, East Wanchai, Hong Kong

4. Kangan Restaurant (

Location: Building 122 Woosung Street Jordan Real Sight Commercial Building, 1/F


Dal Bhat is not only the staple food of the Nepali cuisine, but it can be argued as the nation’s representative dish. This dish is made with ‘dal’ the lentil and ‘bhat’ the white rice, the lentil is often made into a thick paste or soup with other pairing ingredients and spices. Along with the dal bhat, other side dishes may include a vegetable or meat curry, and some boiled fresh vegetable. It is often served in restaurants as well as cooked at home paired with an assortment of side dishes.

This is another top popular choice within tourists and locals, just because they are so simple and delicious. Momos are the Nepalese dumplings, rice paper wrapped with either minced chicken, pork, or buffalo meat along with chopped vegetables and is prepared steamed or fried. They are often served with a spicy dipping sauce. This a must try!

This dish is definitely a Nepalese delicacy. Found around the Thamel region, Dhido consists of thick paste of cooked buckwheat porridge. This dish is then paired with other items around it traditionally being butter or ghee, vegetable curries, pickles and yoghurts.

Sel Roti being one of the most popular snacks especially during the festival season, Dashain and Tihar. This snack is made out of rice flour and then deeply fried outside giving the texture soft interior and crunchy exterior and a slight sweet taste. It is best served with side dishes such as aludum (potato dish) and others! We especially recommend this dish during this Tihar Season!

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