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The Gurkhas Group Newsletter

Nov 2O20

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How The Gurkhas Group pioneered as the first installer to accomplish Aluminium Formwork System in Hong Kong.

The Gurkhas Group started in 1997 in the construction sector and had received one of the first projects using Aluminium Formwork System from VSL HK Ltd. The project was located in Tin Shui Wai and paved our way forward and allowed us to receive several other high profile projects. Another major project we have done is the Manhattan Heights residential buildings, following that was Lee On Road Residentials development, Sham Tseng Residential Development, worked with Hyundai Eng & Co for Olympic station private residential development and Tung Chung private development. Due to all the opportunities we received, we were able to enhance our disciplined and hardworking workforce, and we are very proud that in fact, 99% of the buildings we have erected have been through Nepalese workers. This led to an expansion of our projects to overseas ventures in other countries throughout Asia and Africa. 

Numerous contractors relied on companies such as ourselves to find hardworking Nepalese builders as they are brave and would take on risky jobs that others may be hesitant to take such as scaffolding, façade cleaning, tunnelling and many others. Our chairman Prakash Pun was our project director through all this and due to his Experiences as a Gurkha, he led our team in a military-like way and this proved to be very effective. He continues to lead our skilled team in a commanding but thoughtful manner.

Company Announcement:

Employees of the Month:
Chaugai Prasupatee & Shahi Bishal Singh

The Gurkhas Group would like to announce our employees of the month. It goes to Chaugai Prasupatee & Shahi Bishal Singh. Congratulations for showcasing your excellence this month. We are thankful for your hard work.












We are also delighted to reveal that The Gurkhas Group has commenced 2 new cleaning projects in Hong Kong Island, 2 security projects located in Hong Kong Island and 1 in Kowloon. We are thankful for our clients in believing in our services.


Hong Kong COVID-19 News:

We also would like to remind anyone who is interested in working with us to fill out the forms:





As the fourth wave hits Hong Kong during this winter, the government has proposed new restriction measures.

- Group gatherings has decreased from four people to only two people.

- Wearing a face mask is still mandatory in public settings except when exercising. 

- Organising illegal group gatherings in public may be fined up to $25,000.

- Individuals who participate in an illegal group gathering may be fined $5,000.

- Maximum of 2 people in restaurants as well as only having to operate at 50% capacity.

For more information and updates regarding COVID-19 please visit:


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