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Private Houses and Residential Blocks.

It is essential to hire 24/7 residential security guards for a peace of mind as they act as a deterrent to criminals looking for a chance to break into homes. The security guard's presence puts off criminals because they know the property is being closely monitored, so there are higher chances they'll get caught. Guards are able to shield owners/ tenants, reduce crime, keep your property safe and secure, as well as handle all complaints which may arise.


G3S understands that in most situations, guards are the first impression and therefore we ensure all our trained personnel have a courteous and smart manner. Through preparation and continuous engagement with our client to understand their experiences & expectations, we are able to identify risks and threats and create solutions to ensure day-to-day operations are run safely and securely. In order to continually maintain and improve our service quality to clients, we conduct regular review meetings to understand the client’s latest requirements.

Our Residential Security Services include:  

  • Consultation and Planning such as site analysis, risk assessment, contingency planning.

  • Trained Security Personnel

  • Access Control / Customer Greetings

  • Patrol premises

  • Logbook Documentation

  • Incident Reporting

If you are interested in the above services, get in touch with us!

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