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How We Resolve Problems Arising at Client's Construction Sites

“I believe that everything happens for a reason, but I think it’s important to seek out that reason; that’s how we learn.” – Drew Barrymore

Coming towards the end of 2020, this month has not been a stress-free month for anybody, especially during this pandemic. Recently, Standard-Gurkhas (G3S) Security Services experienced some issues at the time our guards were deployed at the new construction site. Some machinery stationed on the construction site were stolen, which caused a slight delay in the construction job. The moment the incident was reported to us by the guards, the operations team immediately arrived at the site to investigate the situation. It was understood that different construction site workers misplaced their items, which caused the incident to happen and as the new construction site was an open area and had no main entrance or fencing, workers could easily access the site and leave with machinery or tools. We suggested to our client that in order for our security guards to ensure top quality observation they should put a fence around the site and set up one main entrance, so construction workers didn't have easy access to the site. This method was instantaneously implemented in order to reduce the further chance of theft. Once this was done, the operation team briefed the security guards on how to look out for the client’s items by carrying out patrols at irregular hours to prevent similar patrol route and pattern to eliminate thefts from easily spotting loopholes at the site. In addition, photos of the sites have been uploaded and reported in our WhatsApp group chat with our client every hour during their patrol, so the client is also aware of the site situation. As well as constantly monitoring the CCTV monitor to spot any irregularity movement.

Internally, when an incident happens, our operation team follows protocol and writes up a preliminary report followed by an in-depth incident report. This ensures a clearer understanding between both parties and helps us improve in the future when we review the situation.

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Company Announcement:

The Employee of the Month:

LAMA Prakash

The Gurkhas Group would like to announce our employee of the month. It goes to LAMA Prakash. Congratulations for showcasing your excellence this month. We are thankful for your hard work.














We are also delighted to reveal that The Gurkhas Group has commenced 4 new cleaning projects in Hong Kong Island and 2 security projects located in New Territories. We are thankful for our clients in believing in our cleaning services and our security guards.


Hong Kong COVID-19 News:

Hong Kong has been continuing to maintain the 4-person group policy, but loosen the rules regarding religious activities and contact sports.

For more information and updates regarding COVID-19 please visit:


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