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How To Hire a Bodyguard (+Driver)

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Hiring a bodyguard in Hong Kong through Standard-Gurkhas (G3S) Security Services includes a rigorous process and numerous checks before proceeding to the client their profile. The Standard-Gurkhas (G3S) Security Services owns a wide-range database of potential bodyguard and will choose depending on the requirement of the client.


When a potential client enquires with us, we note down their job scope, height requirement, age requirement, language requirement, home address, Bodyguard/Gurkha requirement or just a driver, working hours and client’s monthly budget. As all bodyguard drivers salary ranges depending on the years of bodyguard experience, driving experience, etc. Prior to introducing the client our guards, our operation manager will firstly interview the potential guard details based on their written résumé. Basic questions including, name, age, height, marital status and such will be questioned before shortlisting. During the shortlisting process, we will pick out a small number of potential guards whom we then do an extensive background check. The background check will include a Criminal Background Check, Financial Background Check, Sexual Conviction Record Check, those required to drive will need to do a Traffic Conviction Records Check, and due to the current pandemic situation, a COVID-19 Health Check will be done. Once all these areas are cleared, we will then proceed to show the client and the client will be able to pick whom they wish would proceed to the next stage which personally interviews them. Occasionally clients who are pleased with a bodyguard may take them on a trial day to see how they perform. Although this rigorous process may be quite troublesome, we ensure the client hassle-free and will provide our service and help along the entire way. We hope to be of help and keep everyone safe.


To Enquire for a bodyguard (+driver) please contact Cheryl Lam at 3708 9336 or

To apply as a Bodyguard (+driver) please fill in this application form:

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