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      The Gurkhas Group was established in 1997 with its core business in the Construction sector. The company has currently partnered with several Hong Kong and Foreign contractors, in both public and private sector. Due to a high demand, the company has expanded its services in Nepal, China, and Malaysia to provide Construction, Security, Cleaning and Recruitment Services. As our Chairman was formerly a member of the British Gurkhas, the majority of our direct staffs are Ex-Gurkhas and Nepalese Hong Kong identity card holders who have a disciplined and regimented background. This provides a ready workforce for tasks that require diligent and efficient undertaking.


    The Gurkhas Group is specialized in Security, Cleaning, Construction, and Logistics. The Company prides itself on the quality of its operations irrespective of the disciplines required for each assignment.


Our mission is to provide our clients with professional and skilled staff beyond their expectation, supplying labour to the Construction, Security, Logistics and Cleaning Industry and continuously building on the community of Ex-Gurkhas and Nepalese Residents based in Hong Kong presenting their skills and experience to enhance our services for our clients.



As an organization, we understand that we exist to serve and satisfy our customers. Accordingly, our customer orientation reflects intimacy, integrity and learning


We continuously seek and develop new business, employing state-of-the-art methods to retain our market leadership.


We are an organisation, working together to deliver the best services to our valuable customers and stakeholders. To achieve this, we demonstrate teamwork and respect.


We thrive on being leaders in our business, markets and communities. To drive this we focus on continuous improvement, partnership and professionalism.

Awards and Honours


The Chairman has been Awarded “BIRENDRA AISHWARYA SEWA PADAK” in 2002 and “SUPARBAL GORKHA DAKCHHIN BAHU III” in 2004 by His Majesty the King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev of Nepal (Medal of Nepal) in recognition of his services to his country, and its people as well as devotion and loyalty to the Monarchy of Nepal.

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